Certificate Offerings

October 17, 2023

On completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Allyship Certificate

As businesses take stances in support of social movements, like Black Lives Matter, they effectively position themselves as allies. Allies make the commitment and effort to recognize their privilege and work in solidarity with oppressed groups to enact change in the struggle for justice. This workshop focuses on allyship, a term that identifies the set of practices that are undertaken in order to be an ally. Thoughtful and committed allyship can positively impact organizations in a number of ways, not only creating an environment that invites greater diversity and inclusion and employee engagement but also fostering positive images that can increase brand loyalty and achieve broader corporate social responsibility goals. Given the multitude of ways in which potential marginalization persists, and the varied contexts in which exclusion can take place, we can all practice allyship, and consider the role that improved allyship might play within our organizations as well as in wider society. Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Understand allyship as a general practice while also being able to identify specific forms of allyship in the workplace;
  • Articulate the business case for allyship;
  • Recognize opportunities for allyship at the levels of individual, interpersonal, and organizational policy and practice;
  • Adapt language and communication practices to foster meaningful allyship;
  • Critically assess allyship needs and goals to develop an action plan that results in meaningful change.

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Belonging Certificate

To belong is a fundamental human motivation. We have a pervasive drive to form lasting, positive, significant interpersonal relationships. This need is found in all humans, in all cultures, and in all workplaces. A culture of Belonging cultivates thriving, engaged, and productive colleagues and employees and as a result, profitable organizations. This workshop teaches attendees how to leverage their values, identities, and discourses to create environments where people from any background feel as though they belong.


  • Identify core values and the integral role they play in belonging
  • Understand how the origins of our identities influence our belonging
  • Discover the discourses that impact our sense of belonging
  • Recognize how space and time manipulates belonging
  • Learn how to create a culture of belonging in virtual environments

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DEI Certificate

The entire world continues to become more diverse, and that includes employees, customers and clients across the profit, non-profit and government sectors. In today’s climate, all professionals need to understand the basics of diversity, equity and inclusion. DEI is about much more than simple compliance; to succeed in today’s world in any aspect of business or services, enterprises must leverage diversity for strategic advantage and have DEI integrated into all aspects of their operations.


  • The basic definitions of diversity, equity and inclusion; including the evolution of the diversity field and theories of diversity.
  • A deep dive into the many dimensions of diversity.
  • The compelling business case of diversity, equity and inclusion, including how to calculate a financial business case.
  • Why and how DEI must be part of any organization’s core strategy.
  • An introduction on the various organizational processes that DEI can impact.
  • An introduction on how to build DEI into your organizational culture.

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Emerging Leader Certificate

The C-suite has never been closer and within reach. Labor statistics indicate within less than a decade the majority of executive leadership positions will be vacant as senior leaders retire or exit the workforce, creating new and exciting leadership opportunities for emerging leaders. The question is, as an emerging leader, will you be prepared for these opportunities when they arise? More importantly, will you have the requisite skills and savvy to successfully make the transition to executive levels of leadership? This certificate is designed to help prepare you, as an emerging leader, for a successful career in leadership positions. This session, will prepare you to:


  • Understand effective approaches to leading in different organization contexts
  • Understand and leverage your leadership design in challenging leadership situations
  • Read organizational culture and create an organizational culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Successfully navigate organizational culture and transcend negative, organizational politics
  • Identify and develop your leadership values for decision-making and judgment—one of the most critical competencies for executive level leadership

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Emotional Intelligence Certificate

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